Majority of Indonesia export activities are done by sea freight. This has been the foundation of our company export business for 16 years. Currently our professional team handle from General Department Store Merchandise (GDSM) and Garment on Hanging (GOH) to oil rigs, drilling equipments, aircraft parts, machineries, electronics as well as project cargo for refer container, open top, flat rack, oversized & dangerous cargo. We also have experience as emergency relief goods dispatcher as well as military substance.

Through our automated system we offer shippers a one stop solution to and from any point worldwide by offering both less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container-load services (FCL)

Geographically we are not in position as the global hub station. And for the long haul shipment it has to go via Singapore, Port Klang, Busan, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong & Tanjung Pelepas, as the gateway to the East and West. Majority of the feeders are via Singapore, the frequency feeder sailing from Jakarta is 3 times a weeks & could reach Singapore only 2 days.

We have service contracts with few major shipping lines for major destinations with certain volume. We can offer you a competitive rate for any shipment you would like. We accept freight collect & freight prepaid for most destinations.

In handling sea import we provide the sea freight rates from any part of the world, we handle temporary import by specializing in exhibition goods, oil exploration equipment as well as project cargo.

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