Dear Friends/Colleges/Partners/Agents/Ladies and Gentlemen, 

SELAMAT DATANG - WELCOME to our newly re-design web site!!! Combi Freight has evolved and changed our name to COMBI LOGISTICS INDONESIA to meet the market demand as we are expanding beyond the hard freight on the air and ocean to the logistics world. 

Since 1991 Combi Freight as we were known from the day one has focus its business on the hard freight in the full service of the freight forwarding business. We are very happy with the current development. However, As we are all know that the business and the company is driven by the changing market, the company need professionals that could cope with the market changes.

In keeping our identity as the locally owned and operated company, it is the time to meet up that changes and expand the freights business into the full logistics service provider. With the full support of the current management team and the entire staff we expand our business activities and change our company name while we are still keeping the same office location, telephone/fax numbers and the related administrative matters.

We are proud to be locally owned and operated company and this is to inform you that with the new identity, our company has opened the company stock options for the long service and loyal staff. That means the business is well looked after by the entire management team and it will benefits to all of us in the short and long run of the company service performance. 

We thank you for your support and cooperation over the last 16 years and we look forward to work and extend our service for the next 16 years and more to come. 

Sincerely Yours,

Arman Yahya & Management Team

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